Scottish Highlands - UK

Loch Ness Afforestation


Woodland Carbon Code

United Nations Development Goals

The project is located in the Heart of the Scottish Highlands and 40 minute's drive from Inverness. The estate is home to Red grouse, Black grouse, Red deer, Roe deer, Sika deer and more.

Lochness Tree Planting

The planting site comprises a diverse range of native tree species including Caledonian Scots pine, sessile oak, hazel, downy birch, rowan, eared willow and aspen. The reintroduction of 1,000 aspen trees is particularly exciting as these had been eradicated from the Highlands. In total, 100,000 trees will be planted. The project expands existing woodland on the estate and is contiguous with forests on an adjacent estate. One of their aims is for Red squirrels and Pine martens to populate the estate from the adjacent estate.


Other rare species in the area include Golden plover, dunlin, Golden eagles (nesting sites), white-tailed eagles (feeding), ospreys (feeding), capercaille, ptarmigan, otters and water voles