Kandal Province – Cambodia

BioCogen Rice Husk Power Project

United Nations FCCC


United Nations Development Goals

Angkor Bio Cogen project, the first renewable energy project to utilize rice husk as biomass fuel for electricity generation in Cambodia.

ABC provides the electricity generated from biomass power plant to the Angkor Rice Mill that, in absence of the project activity, uses diesel oil to generate electricity for the rice mill operation.

The Project uses rice husk as renewable source fuel for electricity generation. It achieves GHG emissions reduction in three ways:

  1. The GHG reduction is achieved through the use of rice husk which was previously left to decay in the open space, resulting in methane emissions;

  2. The generated power is exported to the rice mill, which partially replaces power generated by their captive diesel power generator, contributing to GHG emissions associated with the diesel power plant;

  3. The surplus generated power is supplied to the local power utility, providing electricity to the community living outside the project premises.