A flashy newsletter emits as much CO2 as a plastic bag?!

How to reduce your digital pollution!

Tanisha Patel
A flashy newsletter emits as much CO2 as a plastic bag?!
Unsubscribe from junk emails

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Black Friday deals regularly get sent to individual’s mailboxes through newsletters but what is the carbon cost of a spam email? Our partners over at Cleanfox have conducted some research.

What is Digital Air Pollution?

One email is estimated to produce “10g of CO2e”- that’s the same as one plastic bag! Now, this doesn’t sound like much, but if you consider the average person sending at least five to ten emails a day, you very quickly have a much larger carbon footprint when viewed on a global scale. This is due to emails being stored on data servers, which in turn require electricity to run which often is not 100% renewable (yet).

On days leading up to Black Friday an average email user receives up to 80 emails which go never get opened. If those are not deleted they continue using up storage and thus electricity and adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. On a global scale CleanFox have found that:

“Each year adds up to around 4000 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to 4000 return flights from London to New York , each taking 968kg of carbon”.

By signing up to apps like Cleanfox, which help you automatically delete and unsubscribe from emails you don’t need or read, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and have a Green Black Friday.

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Here are some other tips you can try out this year to help reduce the impact of your holiday shopping:

The rise of Green Friday - Share the movement and switch to the Green Friday mindset in which you do the absolute opposite of what Black Friday promotes. Instead you have a “buy nothing day”.

1. Do it yourself: Instead of purchasing new things for your presents this year how about making them yourself? You can send personalised cards, macramé keychains even try yourself a hand at pottery for some trinket trays.

2. Buy second-hand: if you are in the market for new outfits of fashionable gifts consider buying them second-hand for better value for money and often better quality clothes than on the high street! You can check out our partners Thrift+ with an exclusive discount on the Greenr app for some luxury bargains.

3. Buy sustainable: If you are to purchase something new then buy it sustainable! Greenr has curated a list of our favourite brands over the last 6 months with exclusive offers in our app, keep your eyes peeled for our Greenr Xmas Gift Guide coming soon!