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The world will not avert the climate crisis unless thousands of businesses and billions of people make meaningful changes to their day-to-day activities. People are growing impatient and anxious at the lack of coordinated action from governments, big business and society to address the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced.

COP26 brought emissions targets into the mainstream, but targets alone won’t save the world, we must turn environmental ambitions into practical action and results. This is achievable, with the right application of technology, incentives and support for the proven nature-based solutions which are essential in getting there.

This is exactly what Greenr does.

We tackle the climate crisis head on, by providing individuals and businesses emissions data to become more sustainable by reducing their emissions at source.

Today, Greenr helps organisations measure their emissions, engage their workforce to reduce emissions at source and support nature-based projects for unavoidable emissions.

There are 5.5 million Small and Medium Entreprises’ in the UK that are contributing close to 50% of the UK's Business Carbon Footprint. We need to bring solutions together that are strategic, practical and measurable.

We’ve developed Greenr as the Sustainability as a Service platform to transform the way companies track, reduce and report their emissions.

Our team

Meet the Greenr team!

Gabrielle Bourret-SicotteGabrielle Bourret-Sicotte_Fun

Dr. Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte

Co-Founder / CEO

Andy Cureton.jpg

Andy Cureton

Head of Tech - Non-Exec Director

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Amelia Lucas

Outreach and Community

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Megan Potts

Impact Analyst


Suchet Singhal

Business Analyst


Tanisha Patel


Dr. Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte

  • Role

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Joined

    May 2020

  • University

    The University of Oxford

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  • Hobbies
    • Knitting
    • Waterpolo
    • Sewing
    • Forest Wandering
    • Cycling
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Gabrielle is an innovative entrepreneur with a life-long passion for sustainability. She invented and patented a novel technology in Silicon Solar Cells, during her PhD from University of Oxford, in Climate Change & Solar Photovoltaics. After her PhD she worked in Climate Financial Policy before co-founding Greenr. She is passionate about bringing emissions data in the hands of everyone around her, to help them make their own educated sustainable decisions and help the planet one action at a time.

Our Strategic Advisors

Backing Greenr all the way


Dr Melissa Barret

Strategic Advisor


Caroline Grey

Strategic Advisor


Rajat Sharma

Director/ Co-Founder


Vikash Gupta

Director/ Co-Founder

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George Williams

Strategic Advisor

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David Potts

Strategic Advisor

Picture of Mark Brammer

Mark Brammer

Strategic Advisor

Picture of Rohan Ramchandani

Rohan Ramchandani

Strategic Advisor

Dr Melissa Barret

  • Role

    Strategic Advisor

  • University

  • Industry

    Accenture, ADL, MBC, University of Cambridge

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Melissa brings over 20 years' professional experience in the Sustainability, Consulting and Enviornmental Impact sectors to the Greenr team.

Awards and Accreditations

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Greenr has allowed our school community to quantify our carbon footprint and give our students and staff more agency with respect to the choices we make each day without judgement.